This is the strange (and very minor) congenital ear defect I have that I mentioned in a previous post (it was more pointy when I was younger). It’s just a random genetic mutation affecting only the helix of my left ear. These kinds of defects are most often unilateral on the right side of the body. TAKE THAT, CONFORMITY!!!!

My 13 year old cousin has literally the EXACT same ear shape, only on her right side. Apparently, a significant portion (somewhere around 30%) of congenital ear defects also coincide with organ problems and other syndromes. "In all genetically determined malformations (syndromal and non-syndromal) one can assume a high frequency of spontaneous genetic mutations." 

Oh, additionally, I only have 3 wisdom teeth, also genetic (apparently that happens in about 35% of the population). 


….and please ignore the acne covering the entire left side of my face. (>.<)


  1. etrangere said: i only had three wisdom teeth too!
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